What kind of wax do you use?
All of our wax products are made with soy or coconut wax blends and we do not use dyes or additives.


What about the wicks?
100% cotton!  Absolutely no weird metal hiding in our wicks.


What do you use to create the scents?
Our candles are all infused with a blend of fine fragrance oils + pure essential oils. When considering fragrance, the harmful element to always look out for is phthalates. This additive is toxic, and you can rest easy knowing our candles never contain them.


I'm looking for a bulk order. Can you help?
Visit our wholesale page or send us an email request for wholesale information at


Do you create custom candles?

Yes!  Email us the details of your special project at and we’ll help you get started.



What is a melt pool?
The melt pool is the layer of melted wax that's created each time you burn a candle. Make sure it extends to the edges of the container before blowing out your candle to get the most burn time out of each Native candle.


Why do I need to trim the wick?

Always trim the wick to about 1/4" before lighting your candle. This will keep the candle from smoking or creating soot and will allow it to burn it's best. A wick that's too long produces a high flame that’s unsafe.  Too short, and your flame will drown.


My candle isn't burning to the edge of the container!

The first burn is the most important! When you bring your new candle home and light it for the first time, make sure you'll be around for a while. Light the candle, and let it burn in a draft-free area until the pool of melted wax reaches the edges of the container. This can take up to three hours, so be patient!


When is it time to stop burning my candle?
When only a half inch of wax remains, it's time to give that candle a new life! Don't burn a candle with less than a half inch of wax remaining in the jar.


Use a spoon to scoop out the remaining wax and wick and wipe out any excess wax using a tissue. Then, wash the container with warm soapy water.  A dab of rubbing alcohol will also help to remove any other greasy residue.  Fill your empty candle container with your favorite potted plant or succulent, toothbrushes or makeup brushes in the bathroom, pens and pencils on your desk.