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Experience aroma therapy that does not disappoint! Native Caribbean scents smell just the way you imagine them to.  Every single product is hand-made and we have absolutely no additives or dyes in our wax. 


We only use phthalate free, premium grade fragrance and essential oils to compose our blends. Our wicks are made with 100% cotton and contain no lead, zinc, or any other metals. We draw inspiration for our scents from the exotic elements that make the beautiful island of Barbados a highly sought after destination.

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at a crossroads...


Somewhere in the middle of 2018, I found myself in a state of flux and transition in my career.  I had been successful driving operational efficiencies for leading international organisations but then I realised,  I wanted to do something else.


One morning while visiting my 93 year old grandmother, I started to explain how distraught I was about my career prospects and that I just didn't know how to move forward.  My grandmother (Ma) advised me to forget going back to school and to try doing something with my hands.  She reminded me "I didn't raise you with one talent" and added in local Barbadian  parlance  "sometimes yuh gotta bend yuh knees to jump child"-- loose translation: sometimes life will require you to stoop low in preparation for push off to higher things.


Native Caribbean was born 6 months later.  Ma died three months before the store opening on what would have been her 94th birthday.  To honour her memory, all Native Caribbean fragrances are named after the things I did with Ma while growing up with her.  I hope they bring you peace, joy and calm. Enjoy!


- Tamara



hand-made is heart-made!


We believe in feeling good and doing good in our community.  That's why we donate funds to local charities focused on improving lives, mental & emotional health and well-being.


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Sunkissed Large Candle
75.00 BBD
16 oz
Fragrance Family:

Our 16 oz candle lights up your room with a pretty mix pink grapefruit and and soft white florals for a fragrance that uplifts the spirt and calms the mind.


Small Batches of Perfection!


We are a small batch producer focusing on quality over quantity.  Our batches range from 1500 minimum up to 6000 and are ideal for boutique brick and mortar stores, distributors, online retailers, giftware companies and subscription boxes.


We have absolutely no additives or dyes in our wax, and we only use phthalate free, premium grade fragrance and essential oils to compose our blends. Our wicks are made with 100% cotton and contain no lead, zinc, or any other metals. Our candle fragrances are inspired by the exotic elements that make the island of Barbados a highly sought-after destination. But there is more!


Working with us gives you a unique opportunity to immerse your customers in a truly authentic multi-sensory adventure that goes beyond the senses directly to the spirit, through our stories. Each candle from our signature collection has a video about the history of the scent embedded in its label for users to scan and see through our augmented reality app. This rare experience is something that we believe sets us apart.


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